Repatriation Mission of a Paediatric Patient from Bed to Bed

We are very glad to inform about the successful repatriation mission of a paediatric patient from bed to bed. This was a mission that required meticulous planning, coordination, and execution to ensure the safe and timely transfer of the patient.

The mission involved a young patient who required specialized paediatric care. 

To ensure a successful transfer, from Barcelona to Abu Dhabi, a team of medical professionals and support staff of Aeromedical and Marine TRI, was assembled to manage the mission. 

The team worked closely to coordinate the transfer and ensure that all necessary medical equipment and supplies were available at the destination, always advised and in constant communication by us Medical Director and our Chief Flight Nurse.

The transfer was carried out with precision and efficiency, and the patient was safely transferred. 

Throughout the transfer, the patient was monitored closely to ensure their safety and comfort.

The successful repatriation mission is a statement to the dedication, professionalism, and teamwork of the Aeromedical and Marine TRI professionals and support staff involved.

Thank you all for this successful mission.