Medical Escort Logistics Guidelines in Air Ambulance and Commercial Aircraft

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This course will provide you with air ambulance and commercial aircraft medical repatriation guidelines.

Course description

The Medical Escort Logistics Guidelines is a course that aims to teach and guide all the professionals who are acting as a Medical Escort in air ambulance (AA) and commercial aircraft (CA), not from the medical but from the logistics organization perspective. This course will follow the different steps of a repatriation from the beginning up to the end when the patient has reached their destination.

Professionals who already specialize in HEMS or fixed-wing medical transport and work in some of those services will benefit from this course as they will be able to perform a commercial plane repatriation or an air ambulance transport, following the established procedures of safety, quality and efficiency.

Learning outcomes

  • Explain the proper steps from the beginning of the repatriation to the delivering of the patient at destiny
  • Provide an overview of the necessary documents to carry during the repatriation
  • List the mandatory documents to sign by a patient or relatives before travelling

Who should attend

  • Flight doctors and nurses already working in HEMS and FWAA areas
  • Pilots and co-pilots
  • Other crew members, involved in a mission